Sidra 1930

Adelantados has been a campaign that seeks to break with the seasonality with which the product is linked and leave the place of its consumption in a state of mind or lifestyle. At all times we knew what audience we wanted to address and how it should look, move or enjoy what they did. We had to arrive with a strong message. An enormous possibility to creatively develop a novel, avant-garde concept, where at all times you place the viewer in a place that witnesses how these “Adelantadas” people transit life.

Production House: ElevenFilms
Director: Alexan Sar
Director Digital: Felipe Escalada
Executive Producer: Matias Moreno
DOP: Agustín Barrutia
Line Producer: Vanina Ponce
Production Design: Candela García Rico
Wardrobe Stylist: Jorgelina Pineda
Makeup: Cecilia Mendy
Post-Production Coordinator: Ezequiel Cámara
Photo: Carolina Bianco
Editor: Juan Pablo Arrieta
Color Grading: Juana Solassi
Design: Eugenia Vicentini
Bts: Cata Rajaz
Soundtrack: Oiga Música
Sound Design Company/Sound house: Oiga Música
Casting: Street Agency
Vo: Carolina Goldstein