Axel Elizondo was born in Necochea, Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1983. He began his studies at the UBA (Image and Sound Design), where he was an adjunct professor in sound and montage subjects. His first works were musical composition and production in short films and advertising films. The experience in advertising began several years ago in theediting and animation area, making more than one hundredcommercials for different national and international productioncompanies. At the same time, he began his career in Directing, assisting directors in various commercials. As a director, he began filming video clips and fiction, thus making his first series called «El Vagoneta», which in just three months achieved more than 1 million visits, being the most watched miniseries on the internet.

The van was sold to Movistar and Nokia and has already filmed its second season with celebrities such as Ricardo Darin, Ernestina Pais, Karina Jelinek, Roni Arias, Fernando Gago among others. He is adirector who specializes in the area of ​​acting, editing andmusicalization. They currently reside in Mexico.His most recent commercials were for AUDI, LEGO, JACK DANIEL´S,BAILEYS, ADIDAS, XCARET among others…

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