Maria Celeste Lois, Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has been telling short or long-term stories for 20 years.

She worked for a long time as an assistant director in advertising, film and television with directors such as Andy Fogwill, Agustín Alberdi, Juan Campanella, Pablo Agüero, Edi Flehner and Wino, among others.

“I love constant experimentation, spontaneously building momentum. This leads me to have a varied reel of advertising pieces, short films,documentaries and video clips. I declare myself a free spirit and arestless artist who loves good challenges.”

She has worked with brands such as Ford, Johnnie Walker, Unilever,Ordenes Ya, H20h, Claro, Danone, Colgate, Cabify, Google, Fernet, Presidency of the Nation and KTM, among many others.

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