Rest is not just routine. It’s not just something we do because the body works that way. It’s something we do consciously to regain energy, perform better during the day, and achieve goals.

For this reason, a section was created on Piero’s website where different sports leaders will tell their story and how they use that recovered energy while resting, how Piero and his technology help them to have a better daily performance, and in his sporting life.

Creative Agency: The Juju Argentina
Production Company: ElevenFilms
Director: Franco Dupuy
Executive Producer: Matias Moreno
Asist director: Federico Scarpelli
Dop: Max Melendez
Art Director: Julia Risso
Makeup: Clau Penas
Wardrobe: Eugenia Tarnosky
Edit: Warango Company
Motion: Micaela Almeida
Grading: Emanuel Sarmiento