The crisis of the 30

Naranja X

In a play on words where we want the viewer to travel nostalgically in their memories at the age of 30, in reality we always talk about the end of the month and how difficult it is to get there today. The 30th of each month is a hard time and people go into crisis. They search for it for everyday expenses and it becomes difficult to indulge. For this reason, Naranja X creates a special giveaway. On the 30th of each month, he will raffle $30,000 on his Instagram so that his clients and non-clients feel like at the beginning of the month.

Creative Agency: The Juju Argentina.
DGC: Nicolás Zarlenga & Federico Plaza Montero
CD: Iara Gauna García & Eve Sanchez.
Production Company: ElevenFilms.
Duo Director: Les Mechè.
EP: Matias Moreno
P: Vanina Ponce
AD: Emiliano Dublanc.
DOP: Franco D Alessandro.
STYLING: Julieta Mujica
Cast: Hello Crudo
Edit: Mariano Salinas.
Grading: Franco D Alessandro.
Music: Juan Ponce