La cremería


The objective of these pieces is to bring the brand into the everyday world and to do so in a dynamic, natural and organic way. That is why the strength is that the protagonist is the product, and consequently the selected characters, collaborate with their actions to the enjoyment and pleasure of indulging in the pleasure of trying each product selected for them.  

We will seek that the pieces are close to the viewer, with a marked cinematographic aesthetic, with a young, fresh look and with some fantasy, seeking that from the VO as one more character within the film and the music immerses us in the desire to achieve “your favorite dessert”

Creative Agency: The Juju
DGC: Federico Plaza y Nicolas Zarlenga
CD: Federico Landajo & Ivan Vanchi
Production company: ElevenFilms
Live Action Director: Alexan Sarikamichian
Tabletop Director: Horacio Guerrico
EP: Matias Moreno
P: Vanina ponce
AD: Emiliano dublanc
DOP live Action: Franco D’Alessandro
DOP product: Alan Badan
Art Director: Mavi Rossi
Ecónoma: Somosfoodstyling
Makeup: Claudia Penas
Styling: Jor Pineda
Cast: Hello Crudo
Edit: Mariano Salinas
Grading: Alejandra Lescano
Music: Swing Musica
VO: Dario Contartese